Welcome to OOO EVROLOGISTIKS Shipping Company

We are among one of the Russian largest shipping company One of the world leaders in the field of maritime transport of hydrocarbons, as well as servicing the offshore exploration and production of oil and gas. Our owned and chartered fleet, specializing in the transportation of hydrocarbons from the areas with difficult ice conditions, includes 143 vessels with a total deadweight tons of 12,411,552 and an average age of 7 years. A third plane has a high ice class.

OOO EVROLOGISTIKS Shipping Company operates vessels in the segments, the most sought-after by leading Russian and international oil and gas companies. The company is involved in the maintenance of large energy projects in Russia for her "Tanggu", "Peregrino". In-house technical development and is unique to the shipping company a set of advanced technologies, especially in transport in extreme climatic conditions allow OOO EVROLOGISTIKS Shipping Company to satisfy the most demanding customers by providing them with a reliable and efficient transport service.